How Much Does Adoption Cost?

A recent article shared information on adoption-related costs and resources for families to consider when it comes to financing an adoption.

web1_7233632A Las Vegas Review-Journal article dated March 24th, 2015 (entitled “Here’s the Cost of Adopting a Kid”) did a nice job of spelling out important financial information and considerations for individuals or couples that are hopeful of adopting a child. You can read the article here: Here’s the cost of adopting a kid.

Adoption STAR is a nonprofit agency whose mission is finding homes for children in need both in the United States and from countries around the world. While doing so, we are committed to providing quality services to children, birth parents and adoptive parents, as well as helping through humanitarian aid, those children left behind. To accomplish our mission, we established a sliding scale fee for our services based on the applicant’s gross worth to enable as many families as possible to become adoptive parents and provide homes for children.

Another important Adoption STAR difference is that families in our domestic adoption program do not pay a deposit toward their placement fee. A small portion of the fee may be made at the time of match with an expectant parent, but the majority of the fee is due at the time of baby placement.

Our sliding fee scale and placement fee philosophy are but two examples of how we try to make adoption affordable (as we believe that fees should not be a barrier to finding a child a forever family). While adoption is not inexpensive, it is possible. The aforementioned article does an excellent job of helping readers understand this reality.