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Are you able to help this very special little boy find his forever family? He deserves to find a family who is unconditionally committed and will help him achieve his greatest potential.

Jahaad is an 11 year old child with a vibrant spirit!  He loves to smile, laugh, sing, dance and just be in the company of others.  He loves sports, especially basketball and football.  An athletic child, Jahaad enjoys playing sports as a part of a team.  He also enjoys video games, watching movies and playing outside with neighborhood kids.  Jahaad also likes performing and likes to sing and dance.  Jahaad values connections with adults and is open to meeting new people.  If we could hand pick a family for Jahaad, it would be a single parent or two parent “no matter what” family with no other children.  He would love the attention that comes from being an only child!  The ideal family for Jahaad will be supportive of his relationships with his siblings, supportive of his interests and be there for him to help him achieve his greatest potential!

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