From Bulgaria ~ Looking for a Forever Family

From our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery on a Bulgarian boy named Drake. Bulgaria has many children waiting to have that forever family, that connection of love, and we at STAR are committed to helping to make that happen! Drake will soon be 5 years old. For the last 5 years, sin...
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The Waiting Game: Prospective Adoptive Parents

Most of this article about prospective adoptive parents was written by Adoption STAR staff members for a previous blog. Some of the content was edited to fit this post. What type of prospective adoptive parent are you? There are many great ways to deal with the sometimes stressful experience of wait...
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An Adoptee’s Journey: Christian’s Story

Since the Adoption STAR Blog started about one month ago, we have told many birth parent and adoptive parent stories. Today we will be telling the adoption story of an adoptee. Christian, who is African American, was born in 1974 and his 17-year old birth mother, who is Caucasian, parented him for 1...
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