Adoption STAR

Lucy Shaw

Lucy Shaw, LMSW

Outreach and Engagement Specialist

Lucy Shaw joined Adoption STAR in May 2019 as the Outreach and Engagement Specialist. Lucy’s role is to promote best practices in adoption and build awareness of Adoption STAR’s unique and innovative client services specifically in the NYC Metro area through grant trainings, attending conferences and networking with healthcare and social work professionals. Lucy also provides counseling, advocacy and case management services for expectant/biological parents considering adoption.


Lucy holds a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Journalism and Asian Studies from the University of Texas. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker with over 15 years of experience serving adults, adolescents and families in NYC.


Lucy is also an adoptive mother in an open adoption and believes in supporting the well-being of all members of the adoption triad and demystifying open adoption. Lucy lives in the Harlem neighborhood of NYC with her husband, Jochen, a jazz drummer, and son Daxton. Lucy speaks English and Mandarin Chinese and her favorite thing about parenting in NYC is all the wonderful diverse cultures and opportunities the city holds!