Adoption STAR

Moira Madden, MS

Birth Family Advocate

Moira Madden is thrilled to be on the Adoption STAR team as a Birth Family Advocate. She has a Master’s of Public Health focused in Community Health Education and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Her focus is in perinatal, reproductive, and sexual health, as well as health literacy and education, and developing games to facilitate learning. Mo comes from a background of working with teenagers in birth control and pregnancy options counseling, accessing care, designing games, and running group or class. The space she comes from means she wants adoption resources, reproductive & sexual health resources, and fully inclusive and factual information about options and health during pregnancy to be more accessible for absolutely everyone. She lives with her super smart and silly partner, Scott, and their goofy dog, Rilo, and does hand embroidery on the side. Mo really loves Christmas, hiking, the Gilmore Girls, strategy board games and ambitious vegetarian home cooking and baking. If she were a Muppet she would be Ernie.