Adoption STAR

Shafaq Zahra

Compliance Support

Shafaq is Compliance Support at Adoption STAR. Shafaq currently goes to Canisius College as a double major in Accounting and Accounting Information Systems with a minor of finance. She has an experience working with Ties in which she helped kids with special needs to perform in physical activities like another normal child.

Shafaq started working with adoption star as an intern but at the end of her internship she was offered a job, which she happily and excitedly accepted. And now she works as an Administrative Assistant of Adoption Star. She helps with management and financial department of adoption star. Her responsibilities include to open and close adoptive parents file, scan and upload certified documents into the family’s website, make outreach folders, update any family registrations and profiles, and she also does the monthly credit reconciliation for Adoption Star.

Shafaq truly believes that everyone is created equally therefore everyone deserves an equal chance to live a beautiful life. And with time and effort everyone can accomplish whatever they want from life. With a free time in hand she likes to make 3D sculptures and paintings and she also enjoys to participate in sports like badminton, tennis and basketball.