Adoption STAR

Sherri Abbott, LSW

Adoption Assessor

Sherri works with A-OK families, conducting home studies and providing post placement support in Ohio. She graduated from Ashland University and began her career as a Licensed Social Worker advocating for children and adults with developmental disabilities in 1993.

After the adoption of her infant son, Samuel in 2002, she became interested in putting her professional skills and personal experience to work in the adoption field. In 2004, she became an Adoption Assessor and has enjoyed working in international adoption, foster care training and licensing, domestic infant adoption and older child adoption. In 2008, she travelled to China to complete her second adoption. At the age of 8, her first daughter, Megan Mingwei joined the family.

After 15 years in the field and 19 years of parenting children through adoption she has learned a wealth of information. She enjoys helping other families and children with their daily journeys.

In addition to her career, she is a home educating mom of 5 children (2 adopted and 3 biological). She has graduated 2 children and 3 remain at home completing their education. In her free time she enjoys running, swimming, traveling and culinary arts.