Adoption STAR

Stephanie M. Shaw, M.S., C.R.C.

Adoption Counselor

Stephanie has a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling with over 25 years of work experience, and 14 years in the adoption field. Stephanie wanted to work at Adoption STAR, “Because my own adoption experiences were the lights at the ends of my tunnels! Adoption was the path to fulfilling my dreams of motherhood! I want to be one of the supportive, loving, teaching people along that path for other adoptive families. I think it’s my way of giving to the community and sharing my family in a fulfilling way.” Stephanie conducts home studies and post placement supervision as well as facilitates some of the educational classes for Adoption STAR. Stephanie has three children, two arrived by way of adoption and one by birth. Stephanie feels this has given her a unique perspective on parenting as well as the birth/adoptive parent/adoptee triad.