Adoption STAR

Sue Shaw, BS

Expectant and Birth Parent Program Manager

Sue is Adoption STAR’s Expectant and Birth Parent Program Manager. Sue Shaw entered the human services field to work with those in need of supportive services. In 2003, Sue began working as an Adoption Caseworker and Home Finder at Catholic Charities. She joined Adoption STAR in 2006, as an Adoption Caseworker, working within the Birth Parent Department. She was later promoted to Supervisor of the Birth Parent Department.

In 2015, Sue was presented with the Michele Fried Founder’s Award due to Sue’s contributions, expertise, and dedication to the adoption field.

In 2020 Sue became a contract worker for the agency she when accepted a position in the healthcare field only to find herself returning to Adoption STAR two years later! “I missed Adoption STAR so much. Professionally and personally, I feel connected to the work of this incredible agency!” Sue returned to full time work with Adoption STAR as the Program Manager of Expectant and Birth Parent services, and continues to follow her passion by working with pregnant clients as they review and consider their options. Sue works with expectant and birth parents and their families, developing special bonds that positively impact many.

Sue helps clients understand the many choices they have when choosing an adoption plan. She particularly enjoys witnessing open adoption relationships. “I love seeing great open adoption journeys between birth and adoptive families. When I see adoptive parents going above and beyond the designated visits, it warms my heart.” Sue’s clients find strength, amidst their own journeys filled with grief and loss, realizing how much Sue cares about them. Sue travels all over, including out of state, to meet the needs of her clients.

Sue loves music and enjoying time with friends and family, especially her husband Kelly and their fur babies, Blue and Lizzie.