We were unable to conceive and, weighing several options and longing for a child, we turned to adoption. We attended a seminar at another agency where we met an attorney who referred us to Adoption STAR. One of my sisters has two children, both with open adoptions and we wished for a similar experience. After completing the application and home study process, we endured several months of waiting and hoping for the call that would change our lives. We were profiled several times unsuccessfully but nine months later, we finally received it. After talking to our daughter’s Birth Mother on the phone and, later, meeting her in person, we knew this was the road we were meant to take. We brought our daughter’s Birth Mother to the hospital on that cool spring morning and I was able to witness the birth of our beautiful and amazing daughter on April 6th, 2002. We, along with her Birth Mother, decided her name would be Madison. The days that followed were not easy for any of us as we rode the inevitable emotional roller coaster that is adoption. Ultimately, we took our bundle of joy home April 9th (“gotcha day”) and began a journey for which nothing but love could have prepared us. Eight years later we’re still overjoyed with the blessing of our daughter and maintain a close relationship with her Birth Mother. We suspect that, at some point, Madison might have a questions that only her Birth Mother will be able to answer. We believe that our relationship also helps her Birth Mom feel at peace with her decision, and see how her birth daughter continues to grow, play, laugh, love, and live.