The happiest day of our lives was the day our daughter came into our lives. We had been dealing with infertility for several years before we decided to adopt. It took a total of 9 years counting the many years of infertility that we waited to be parents. As our minister said, it was the longest labor he had ever heard of. It truly was a labor of love.

It was hard not to become discouraged at times, but I just couldn’t imagine a life without a child.

The day we were told we would be adopting was the same day I had gone to the agency to find out more about foreign adoption. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do, but I felt there was no other alternative. So when the call came in I didn’t believe it was actually going to really happen.

With infertility and adoption there can sometimes be a lot of heartache and disappointment. But when our little girl was placed in my arms I knew I had found my forever family. She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen and truly it was love at first sight.

None of this would have been possible if it had not been for Adoption STAR. Our daughter always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart.