Thank you for this opportunity to share our adoption story. It begins like many others. After struggling with infertility, we decided adoption was our best choice. We had been couple since our senior year of high school and were ready to start our family life. We found Adoption STAR, completed the classes and before long Ellie came home. On two occasions we thought we had been chosen, but at the last minute, things didn’t work out. Frustrated, we stayed hopeful. Thankfully, we received the call we had been waiting for one beautiful March day. We picked up Ellie at the agency. The first year with Ellie was amazing. She went from a tiny 5-pound baby to a gorgeous, albeit pudgy, 1 year old. Soon enough Casey came into our lives. We had thrown our hat into the ring again just before we took Ellie on her first of many trips to Cancun. By the time we arrived home, Casey’s birth mother had chosen us. She was born three months later. Casey has been a gift beyond words. Our family was now complete.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to both of our children’s birth families. We cherish the connection we maintain with both of them. Our connection to Adoption STAR is equally important to us. Adoption STAR’s dedication to education and support for both adoptive and birth parents is unmatched.