Having married in our 40s, and in attempts to start a family, we were able conceive our son Daniel with fertility treatments. In trying to conceive another child, we were unsuccessful, and decided to follow the route of adoption.

We tried the route of private adoption for a year or so, but to no avail. We felt as though our ability to connect with a birth mother was limited so we decided to solicit the help of an agency. We attended the initial informational classes that Adoption STAR offered and walked away with an encouraging and comfortable feeling toward using their help. We decided to form a partnership the next day by signing up for classes.

After becoming profile ready in January of 09, we hit a period of waiting again, similar to when we were trying to do it on our own. After taking the advice of agents at Adoption STAR, we re-visited our adoption grid and revised it, with the intent of becoming more open to the possibilities we had not considered prior to filling it out.

Not too long afterward we received our first call from the agency with regard to a profiling opportunity. After talking it over, we both knew that it just was not right for us. Though we felt bad turning it down, we felt good that we were being considered.

It was about a month afterward that we received a call that was very encouraging. We were on the NYS Thruway coming back from an overnight trip to Rochester when Sue K called us. We were told that the birth mother actually picked our family. We started to feel even more hopeful at this point. After talking with Sue K for about 20 minutes we could tell that this baby was for us. We told Sue K that we would call her back and let her know. That took about 2 minutes. A few days later we had a match letter.

We waited in anticipation for another month until Michael Paul was born on the official 10th anniversary of Adoption STAR, and also on Sue S’s (the birth parent counselor’s) birthday, March 22, 2010. After a slight delay with the birth parents signing their papers, we went to the hospital to bring Michael home two days later on the 24th. Our family could not be more excited to have him. He has brought us much joy and happiness. Our son Daniel is VERY proud of being a big brother. He reads stories to Michael, and watches over him in a very protective way. We as parents are delighted with now having our two boys to raise.