We thought we were ahead of the plan, until we received the call from Zachary’s birth mother one month prior to the expected delivery! We dropped everything and took off to Indiana very early the next morning. On our way we stopped in Buffalo to meet with Sue, she was so reassuring and genuinely happy for us! Just two hours before reaching Indianapolis we received a call that Zachary was having some respiratory issues and was being transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit downtown. We were so scared to hear this and so anxious to get to him. We first laid eyes on our beautiful baby at 10:30 that night and we knew when we walked into the unit which baby was Zachary. He was so sweet, laying peacefully on his belly with his little knees tucked up under him. When he was moved he let out a sound that we joked sounded like what we imagined a baby dinosaur would have made! We were so in love already. He did very well and was discharged from the NICU to us on Valentine’s Day. The whole week he spent there we were able to take care of the legal issues, learn about baby care from the best nurses ever, and spent much quality time with Abby (Zachary’s birth mother). Everyday we received support and encouragement from Sue at the agency. Thinking back we have so many wonderful moments from our day in court, dinners with Abby, putting Zachary in his carseat for the long travel home, to being greeted by our neighbors upon our arrival, and many, many more. However, the memory that we cherish the most is seeing Zachary so happy at his first birthday party. He is an amazing little guy, bursting with so much personality. Every day has been a wonderful day since the arrival of our beautiful son into our lives. No words could every describe the gratitude we have for Adoption STAR and their role in helping us finally grow our family!!