Like most other couples, we struggled with infertility. After years of treatments and all the emotional ups and downs, we decided that adoption with right for us. In April, we attended an orientation at Adoption STAR and immediately signed up for the next Home Study classes.
That summer, Kim lost her job due to restructuring (after 8 years with a state agency). Knowing that Civil Service would eventually find her a new position; she took advantage of her “free time” and worked hard at completing our Home Study and adoption profiles. Our Home Study was completed in September.

We eagerly waited “to be profiled”, honestly, not being optimistic.

The morning of November 7, Kim received a phone call that changed our lives forever. “There was a baby boy born yesterday in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is supposed to be discharged tomorrow. Are you interested in being profiled?” Kim excitedly answered, “Yes!” and immediately tried getting in touch with Dennis, only to receive his voice mail; we both were at our jobs that day. Kim tried to continue working, but was so excited, it was difficult. Then about three hours later, while still at work, Kim received the ultimate news… we were selected by the birth mom! Now, Kim really needed to get in touch with Dennis as we just became parents! Finally, Dennis answered his phone. We were both crying and in shock. We spent our evening preparing for our trip to Indiana. We were on our way to Babies R Us to purchase “the essentials”, as we were not prepared (knowing if we were ever selected, we would buy things then), all the while making phone calls to notify family and friends. One of our best friends told us to turn around and come right to their house as they had everything we needed. What a blessing! They gave us the infant car seat/carrier, a pack ‘n play, bottles, bibs, newborn clothes, etc. We only needed to buy diapers and wipes. The following morning, November 8, we were on our way to Indianapolis to meet our son. The 9-hour ride went so smoothly. We used that time to continue contacting family and friends. Meeting Connor that night was the best experience of our lives. He was born with a full head of black hair – no one told us that ahead of time. The nurses at the hospital were amazing! When Connor was discharged the following day, the nurses packed a diaper bag for us with several days-worth of formula and other essentials. We remained in Indiana for almost one week, awaiting state clearance. It was priceless family time together – just the three of us!
Connor is now a happy, healthy two-and-a-half year old toddler that has filled our lives with more joy than he ever will imagine.

We are extremely blessed that God chose this plan for us and that we were strong enough to believe Him.

Thank you to Connor’s birth mom for being so strong, selfless and courageous. We have an open adoption and will be able to share this entire journey with Connor.

Thank you, Adoption STAR, for helping us understand adoption and for living it. May you continue to create forever families for many years to come!