It seems I had waited my whole adult life to become a Mom. After struggling with infertility and discouraged by many agencies against single parent adoption – I was beginning to feel that perhaps parenthood was not to be for me.

Then I found Adoption STAR. I initially went to an informational meeting looking to complete an International Adoption. With encouragement from the wonderful staff, I did apply to complete a Domestic Adoption and on December 31st, 2001 I flew to NYC to meet my beautiful daughter.
How has life changed in that time? How hasn’t it changed? My once quiet home is now filled with chatter, my rooms are filled with toys and books and children who love them, my yard is filled with swings and bikes… and my heart is full of love, admiration and amazement as I watch my daughter grow.

Thank you to Adoption STAR for my family and for continuing to reach out and serve all involved in adoption.