A Letter from our Caseworkers to You.

Please know that I understand pregnancy and adoption are so complex, and I’m here to talk and be of service.

I can never tell you what the “right” decision is for you, but I can untangle all the emotions and thoughts you’re having with you – and this can hopefully lead to a process that you are as confident as possible in owning.

I will always:

I will always try to understand what is running through your mind as you make this decision and address areas where I can assist you, no matter what.

  • Supporting you in continuing your education or work plans now or in the future. If you choose adoption, I want to cheer you on as a person/family — and in an open adoption, I want to help you connect with the family of your choice.
  • Helping to process a negative relationship, or the circumstances around conception. If you have faced dating violence, I take this seriously and can be both a listening ear and connect you to services for a safety plan.
  • Helping identify resources for parenting. Many of our clients are mothers and truly understand the demands of parenting now and going forward.
  • Involving trusted people and resources you ask for in your decision-making. I truly respect your wishes to involve your support network.
  • Processing an unexpected pregnancy in an age, phase of life, or time you didn’t intend. Being pregnant at a time you didn’t expect, or in a time that is already high-stress for you, is overwhelming – I’m here for you as you choose and plan.
  • Reaching independence by finding housing, treatment, counseling, medical care, and family planning resources if you need them. Your stability and rights in your pregnancy are my biggest concerns.
  • Discussing your options and beliefs. We believe in counseling you on ALL options. It is important that your plan is tailored to what you value.


I will always respect your privacy and confidentiality. This is your story.

I will always get to know you as a person as well as my client.

I will always connect you to legal advice and representation for you and only you during and after your pregnancy.

I will always provide support to you in the way that feels best – calling, texting, driving around, meeting up – I’m ready to run around for you.

I will always connect you with opportunities to discuss adoption with parents who have placed a child for adoption or adopted people. I will also connect you to our wonderful community of birth parents.

I will always help you face the complicated feelings that come up in adoption, during and after your plan. You have access to post-adoption support through Adoption STAR.

I will always honor your decision making for you, your pregnancy, your relationship, your family, and your baby.

~ Your Caseworker


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