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A lively listen to all things adoption, hearing voices from each member of the adoption triad and more! Hosted by adoptive parent Shaun Doyle

How Social Workers Play a Pivotal Role in the Adoption Journey

March is National Social Work Month and Shaun was able to sit down and talk to STAR social worker David Rossetti, LCSW. Together they talk about what is is to […]

Transracial Adoption with April Dinwoodie

It’s Black History Month! In honor of this month, Shaun had a chance to talk to Racial Equity & Adoption Activist April Dinwoodie about some of the tough questions he […]

Meet Ryan: Birthing Parent and Doula

We are so excited to welcome Ryan Ryan DiMartino (they/them) to the podcast! Ryan is part of the LGBTQIA+ community and has two children that they made adoption plans for. […]

Getting Real About Race

Two transracial adoptees break down questions that have been asked by prospective adoptive parents. This episode will help you understand it is important to ask about, and talk about, race. […]

Open Adoption Interview

Are you an expectant parent considering making an adoption plan for your child? Are you wondering whether or not open adoption is right for you? Or are you a prospective […]

Black History Month and Transracial Adoption

Tune into this episode to hear from Zack Fried, transracial adoptee, discuss black history month, race and transracial adoption.   Topics covered include: The importance of Black History Month, and […]

Art & Brian’s Journey to Aidan – Older Child Foster Care Adoption Success Story

In this episode, host Shaun Doyle interviews Art and Brian about their family and how it grew when they adopted an older child from foster care, Aidan. They adopted Aidan […]

Brunch with the Gays – An LGBTQIA+ Adoption Conversation

Join Intake Manager Shaun Doyle, Compliance Director Zack Fried and Associate Director Michael Hill for virtual brunch during Pride Month as they talk about LGBTQIA+ Adoption and Adoption STAR’s commitment […]

All About Adopting An Older Child (Part 1)

There are over 400,000 kids in foster care and about 125,000 of those children are legally freed for adoption. This means that reunification with their biological families and permanent placement […]

STAR! Coping With COVID-19

Tune into this episode to learn how STAR has dealt with changes due to COVID-19. We are chatting about working from home with kids, juggling life and mental health challenges, […]

Episode 4: An Update On Our Adoption Journey - She’s Having a Baby

Last time we talked to Shaun, he and his husband were asking if it was "enough" as a family of three and if growing their family was a possibility. But here's an update! Shaun is adopting another baby! Jackson's birth mom is expecting and has decided to make an adoption plan with Shaun again! Tune in to hear the full story!

Episode 3: She’s Steering the Ship

Shaun talks to Sue Shaw, STAR's Senior Adoption Coordinator & Birth Family Advocate about what the agency has to offer expectant parents who are thinking of making an adoption plan. A trigger warning- revocation is discussed.

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Episode 2: Dayenu

Why do people want to grow their family? What does "dayenu" mean and when are we "enough"?

Episode 1: Preview

Welcome to STAR! An Adoption Podcast. Join your host Shaun Doyle as he gives you a preview of what's to come in this exciting new podcast!


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