Domestic Adoption

We provide adoption programs for the adoption of infants and older children.


For the adoption of an infant, we provide the Traditional Agency Adoption Program where both direct and indirect referrals are possible, as well as the adoption of children with special needs. We also provide The Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program, which is a creative program combining the benefits of traditional agency and private adoption.


To adopt an older child in the United States, we provide the A-OK Program, Adopt An Older Kid.

Infant Adoption – Traditional
Adoption Program

Involves the agency identifying the expectant parent or child by relying on its own outreach. The agency works directly with expectant parents and receives referrals of expectant parents at all stages of pregnancy. Adoption STAR offers expectant parent clients 24/7 availability, free counseling, support and referral services that include help in obtaining housing, transportation, job assistance, continuing education, and of course, appropriate medical care throughout their pregnancy. When expectant parents are ready to make an adoption plan many adoption options are shared with them. Often expectant parents choose to be involved in selecting an adoptive family for their child. Profiles of prospective adoptive parents are shown to expectant parents. These profiles are selected based on preferences and expectations of the expectant parents.

Infant Adoption – Agency Assisted
Private Adoption Program

The Agency-Assisted Private Adoption Program has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of adoptive parents as they begin their journey to adopting a baby. It utilizes the very best and proven techniques to adopt a baby while remaining in control of the process and by keeping fees reasonable. Most importantly, it offers you the full support of an adoption agency and a personalized training on how you can adopt a child privately with the assistance of an agency. This one of a kind model has a proven track record! Unlike other private adoption options, no retainer fee is necessary, and only a small fee for the training session is required. The placement fees involved in this program are half of the fees involved with a traditional agency adoption.

A-OK Program – Adopt An
Older Kid Program

If you’re hoping to expand your family, adopting from our A-OK Program may be the right decision for you. Adoption STAR works hard to develop relationships throughout the United States with agencies and counties responsible for children in foster care. If you are hoping to adopt an older child or a sibling group in the United States, you should seriously consider our comprehensive program.

Shining Star Program – Adoptions of
Babies with Disabilities

The Shining Star program is truly a special program specifically for the placement of children not in the custody of foster care, who have been diagnosed with cognitive and physical disabilities prior to placement. The majority of children placed within this program have been newborns. Individuals and couples must be prepared to adopt a child with significant disabilities.


The process is the same as our Traditional Adoption Program listed above.

Step Parent Adoption

Adoption STAR is happy to offer this program to any families who are in a situation where a step-parent wishes to adopt the child or children of their current spouse.


For more information on Step Parent Adoption, please contact Adoption STAR directly.

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There are differences between adoption agencies. This is your journey. It is important that you select an agency that you feel comfortable with and one that will provide you with the support and assistance you need. Adoption STAR provides CONFIDENTIAL, UNBIASED and COMPASSIONATE information, support, expertise, and guidance. Contact us today.