Who Chooses Adoption?

Many people choose adoption. There is not one type of person or one specific age or circumstance that is specific to someone making an adoption plan.


What is clear however, is that those who choose adoption are of all ages, races, religions, and circumstances. Another commonality shared among those who make an adoption plan is that they genuinely want what is best for their baby and themselves.


Married and single people may find themselves with an un-timely pregnancy. During this time, those who have the ability and desire to even consider an adoption, exhibit a very special quality.


Women who choose to make an adoption plan are not selfish. They tend to be deep thinkers who utilize complex decision-making skills to decide what is best for their baby. Not only do they provide their child with an abundance of love, but they also provide a family with the gift of parenthood.

What Kind Of Parents Do I Want For My Child?

Adoption STAR carefully screens all prospective adoptive parents before they are able to be considered for child placement. This screening process is known as an adoption home study and includes: clearances from state child abuse registries and criminal history checks, complete medical histories, financial disclosures, personal references, assessment and approval by a licensed social worker, mandatory adoption education, etc.


Adoption STAR knows there is no perfect parent but strives to identify parents who are exceptional. Exceptional parents take the time to explore, research, learn and thoughtfully consider… they believe in pre-adoption and post-adoption support and education. They are parents who truly can provide a child with the love and security they need to flourish.


Just like you, Adoption STAR wants parents who are loving, healthy, patient, flexible, etc., but in addition to these qualities, you may have a very real list of preferences that will assist you in selecting parents for your child. Share your preferences with your caseworker. Adoption STAR will provide you with an amazing choice of adoptive parents.

Will My Child Hate Me For This Decision?

We can say that we have found that many children who have been adopted do not have negative thoughts or feelings regarding their birth parents.


After hundreds and hundreds of adoptions, we can say that we have found that children who have been adopted do not have negative thoughts or feelings regarding their birth parents. Adoption STAR also has adult adoptees as staff members and volunteers and is truly inspired by their positive adoption stories.


Your fear that your child will be upset with your decision is understandable, but often that fear comes from our own feelings of grief and loss. Saying goodbye is painful and difficult. Please know that you will always be your child’s birth mother and no adoption plan will ever change that.


There are so many adoptees, some are even celebrities today. Adoption is not odd or rare, but rather one way that a family is created by way of the gift which began with the child’s birth parents.


Adoptive parents are asked to share the child’s adoption story and birth family story with the child. The information provided to the child will be much of the information that you shared regarding your background, family, medical history, interests and hobbies, etc. Perhaps you have chosen to meet the adoptive parents or have a semi-open or open adoption and are able to provide information to the child yourself. This may be through the open adoption contact you chose or perhaps through a letter you wrote your child. One thing is certain, the adoptive parents will answer the child’s questions with sensitivity and with love and will explain how very difficult and unselfish your decision was. Whether or not you chose to be involved later in life, your child will be told that you cared so much for them that you put their needs
ahead of your own.

Is It Selfish To Place A Child For Adoption?

No. Putting your child’s welfare ahead of your own is an act of love and courage. Adoption is very unselfish. It is difficult, hard to decide, hard to think about, but it can be a truly caring and loving decision.

Who Places Their Children For Adoption?

All different types of people, single and married, of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. People who believe for many different reasons – emotionally, physically, financially – that adoption is the best choice for themselves and their child at this point in their lives.

Can I Choose The Adopting Family?

Yes. You can select the family for your child, or we can do so on your behalf. You can be as involved or non-involved as you like, from looking at letters and pictures, to meeting with waiting adoptive families. If you place your child, we offer you continued choices. You may receive photos as the child grows or even visit with the child. The choice is yours.

If My Child Was Recently Taken By Child Protective Services, Can I Still Choose A Family To Adopt My Child?

Depending upon your specific case, you may have the right to explore a private adoptive agency placement for your child. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

I Know Adoption Star Finds Families For Babies, But Do You Have Waiting Families For Children That Are Older Or Who Have Siblings? Or Children With Special Needs?

Yes. We have wonderful families open to adopting older children, children with special needs and siblings. All of our waiting families have been thoroughly background checked and received the necessary education to adopt and parent children with these needs.

What If The Baby’s Father Does Not Agree With An Adoption Plan?

It may surprise you to learn that often birth fathers do agree with an adoption plan. Others may not because they do not know what is involved or others may wish to parent the child themselves. Adoption STAR is able to help educate fathers about the process and if they desire, will be able to explain how they can participate as well. The laws on birth parent rights, especially related to fathers, vary from state to state.
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