Adoption in Florida

Adoption STAR is a Florida licensed not-for-profit adoption agency. The agency works with prospective parents and birth parents in all cities in Florida including but not limited to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, etc.

Adoption STAR provides comprehensive services including counseling, education and support throughout one’s adoption journey.

Adoption STAR Provides Pregnant Women In Florida

  • Adoption support
  • Confidentiality
  • Free Counseling
  • An Experienced And Caring Staff Offering You Respect For Your Decision-Making Process
  • 24-hour Staff Availability
  • Ability To Choose The Adoptive Family And To Keep In Touch And Visit, If Desired
  • Open Or Closed Adoptions
  • Medical And Other Expenses Paid
  • Resources And Referrals (Housing, Further education, Employment, Etc.)
  • No Foster Care ~ Immediate Placement

You may also request a FREE information packet by calling toll free 1-866-691-3300 or email us. Thank you for your interest in Adoption STAR.

Adoption STAR Provides Prospective Adoptive Parents In Florida

You may also request more information by calling toll free 1-866-691-3300 or email us. Thank you for your interest in Adoption STAR.

Brief Overview of Florida Adoption Laws

In this state, a birth mother may sign her consent within 48 hours after birth, or after release from the hospital, whichever is earlier. The birth father may sign any time after birth. Within a newborn placement, the consent is irrevocable upon signing, unless fraud or duress is proven. With a consent taken for a child ages 6 months or older, the consent is deemed irrevocable 3 days after signing or when the child is placed in an adoptive home, whichever is later, unless fraud or duress is proven. A statement of non-paternity can be revoked only if fraud or duress is shown. There is a putative father registry within the state.

Reasonable living expenses (including rent, utilities, phone, food, transportation, clothes, insurance), medical and attorney fees, and adoption-related expenses deemed necessary are permitted up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Prospective adoptive parents may not advertise in the state. Out of state adoptive parents may finalize the adoption within the state.

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If you are an expecting parent or a prospective adoptive parent, there are several ways to contact

(954)566-6055 or Toll Free at: 1-866-691-3300

1040 Bayview Drive, Suite 318, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


TOLL FREE: 1-866-691-3300