Adoption in New York

Adoption STAR is a New York State authorized not-for-profit adoption agency. The agency works with prospective parents and birth parents in all cities in New York State including but not limited to Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Binghamton, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie, New York City, etc, etc.

Adoption STAR provides comprehensive services including counseling, education and support throughout one’s adoption journey.

Adoption STAR Provides Pregnant Women In New York State

  • Adoption support
  • Confidentiality
  • Free Counseling
  • An Experienced And Caring Staff Offering You Respect For Your Decision-Making Process
  • 24-hour Staff Availability
  • Ability To Choose The Adoptive Family And To Keep In Touch And Visit, If Desired
  • Open Or Closed Adoptions
  • Medical And Other Expenses Paid
  • Resources And Referrals (Housing, Further education, Employment, Etc.)
  • No Foster Care ~ Immediate Placement

You may also request a FREE information packet by calling toll free 1-866-691-3300 or email us. Thank you for your interest in Adoption STAR.

Adoption STAR Provides Prospective Adoptive Parents In New York

You may also request more information by calling toll free 1-866-691-3300 or email us. Thank you for your interest in Adoption STAR.

Brief Overview of New York State Adoption Laws

In New York State the adoption surrender may be signed by birth parents at any time after birth. A man denying paternity may make an irrevocable denial before the birth of the child. The surrender becomes irrevocable 30 days after signing the surrender if taken by an Authorized NYS adoption agency and transfer of child to adoptive parents was made. Within a private adoption the surrender is deemed irrevocable 45 days after signing and transfer of child to adoptive parents occurred. Revocation of the surrender triggers a “best interests” hearing if the adoptive parents or agency choose to contest the revocation. There is a putative father registry within the state.

Allowable birth parent expenses may include medical, legal, counseling, living (housing, maternity clothes, and transportation) and may be paid to the birth parents from two months pre-birth to one month post-partum, unless court finds extraordinary circumstances to extend this period.

Prospective adoptive parents may advertise in the state. Out of state adoptive parents may finalize the adoption within the state.

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For more information on adoption and Adoption STAR, please contact us at any of the numbers below or toll free at 1-866-691-3300.

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