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Shock…that’s just part of the experience when you find yourself unexpectedly getting a positive pregnancy test result. Once the initial shock is over, you’ll probably find yourself feeling all different kinds of emotions, many of which may leave you confused and overwhelmed. Finding someone to talk to that’s unbiased and willing to help (regardless of what choice you decide to make) is very important.

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One of our professional adoption counselors will meet with you.

Creating An Adoption Plan

When you make your adoption plan, you are in control.

Birth And Placement

You will never be pressured by your counselor to continue with your adoption plan.

Post Adoption Support

You will feel a range of emotions after placement that we encourage you to stay connected to your counselor.

Adoption Process

We have outlined some steps to help you understand the adoption process with Adoption STAR. Adoption STAR can help you make a plan at any point in your pregnancy or afterward.

1. Contact Us

We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call us toll free at 1.866.691.3300.

2. Meet With A Counselor

One of our professional counselors will meet with you to answer your questions and help you explore all your options including adoption so you can make the plan that meets your needs.

3. Creating An Adoption Plan

When you make an adoption plan, you are in control. That includes selecting the adoptive family that is just right for you. You may also work with your counselor to make a birth plan as well.

4. Birth And Placement

You will never be pressured by your counselor to continue with your adoption plan, your counselor will only work to help you through this time and to make sure you are comfortable in your process. Your counselor will be there with as much or as little as you desire during the birth and delivery and placement process.

5. Post Adoption Support

You will feel a range of emotions after placement. We encourage you to stay connected to your counselor. We will be here for you and you will be welcomed into a community where you can meet other birth families, come to events and gatherings, receive support in your contact with the adoptive family, and encouragement in working toward your personal and professional goals.

The Adoption Process
10 Helpful Steps

We have outlined some steps to help you understand the adoption process with Adoption STAR. Adoption STAR can help you...

Finances and Expenses

It is not uncommon to have concerns about costs when you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. Your relationship with Adoption STAR...

Dealing With An Unexpected Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant when it was not planned is overwhelming. You may be frightened, nervous, overwhelmed or depressed...

How Do I Know I am Making the Right Decision

Our journey in life is often unexpected and the decisions we will be faced with are plenty and many will be challenging. Making the decision...

Text (For Birth Parents)

Do You Need Immediate Assistance?

May be you feel that this is not the right time in your life to parent a child (or children). Perhaps you thought you could parent your child, but after some time has passed, you find yourself feeling as though, “this isn’t working.” Maybe your child has unique needs that are proving to be too much for your to handle, given everything else that’s going on in your life right now. Perhaps you are in recovery or working on a case plan with your local department of child protective services. Whatever your circumstance, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked

Is it selfish to place a child for adoption?

No. Putting your child’s welfare ahead of your own is an act of love and courage. Adoption is very unselfish. It is difficult, hard to decide, hard to think about, but it can be a truly caring and loving decision.

Who places their children for adoption?

All different types of people, single and married, of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. People who believe for many different reasons – emotionally, physically, financially – that adoption is the best choice for themselves and their child at this point in their lives.

Can I choose the adopting family?

Yes. You can select the family for your child, or we can do so on your behalf. You can be as involved or non-involved as you like, from looking at letters and pictures, to meeting with waiting adoptive families. If you place your child, we offer you continued choices. You may receive photos as the child grows or even visit with the child. The choice is yours.

If my child was recently taken by child protective services, can I still choose a family to adopt my child?

Depending upon your specific case, you may have the right to explore a private adoptive agency placement for your child. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

I know Adoption STAR finds families for babies, but do you have waiting families for children that are older or who have siblings? Or children with special needs?

Yes. We have wonderful families open to adopting older children, children with special needs and siblings. All of our waiting families have been thoroughly background checked and received the necessary education to adopt and parent children with these needs.

What if the baby’s father does not agree with an adoption plan?

It may surprise you to learn that often birth fathers do agree with an adoption plan. Others may not because they do not know what is involved or others may wish to parent the child themselves. Adoption STAR is able to help educate fathers about the process and if they desire, will be able to explain how they can participate as well. The laws on birth parent rights, especially related to fathers, vary from state to state.

Thank You

We look forward to working with you and helping you explore your feelings about this pregnancy, identify and grow your support network, and discuss all your options without judgment.


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