Finding out you are pregnant when it was not planned is overwhelming. You may be frightened, nervous, overwhelmed or depressed. Realizing you are not alone and there is help available to you is the first step in moving forward to making a plan that is the best for you and your baby. Here are two birthmothers: Katee, who today is a social worker, shares her experiences realizing she was pregnant as a teenager; and Sarah, who today is working in the medical field, shares her story of finding herself pregnant again.

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My Defining Moment

By Katee, an Adoption STAR Birthmother

I was a child myself when my life was forever changed. After putting myself into a situation where I lost control and acted irresponsibly, I learned that your childhood can be over instantly. After losing what I thought to be my “best friend,”...

Pregnant Again

Pregnant Again

By Sarah, an Adoption STAR Birthmother

I couldn’t believe I was pregnant again. I was parenting two kids already and living with my mom. I never expected to be in this position in my mid twenties. I had so many fantasies of where I was going to be and what I was going to have accomplished...

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