Our journey in life is often unexpected.  The decisions we are faced with are plenty and often challenging. Making the decision to place your baby for adoption may be the most difficult decision you ever make. It has been Adoption STAR’s experience that individuals who choose adoption have an incredible inner strength, and in their hardships can find the positives that can come out of unexpected circumstances.

Allowing yourself to list the reasons you may be considering adoption will begin to help you. Your adoption counselor will be able to help you develop the list by getting to know you better.

Choosing to make a plan for adoption is a very difficult and personal decision. There may be complicated factors that contribute to one’s decision making process.

Below are some reasons why you may feel adoption may be in yours and your child’s best interest. For many, there is typically more than one reason involved. Perhaps some of these reasons will resonate with you.

Text (For Birth Parents)
  • Parenting one or more children already
  • Unstable housing/homeless
  • Unstable family situation
  • Want my child to have two parents
  • Financial concerns
  • Not emotionally prepared
  • Religious beliefs
  • Feel too young to become a parent right now
  • Feel too old to become a parent right now
  • Want to choose a different environment for my child
  • Not ready to parent another child right now
  • Not expecting/ready to be a parent
  • Single
  • Lifestyle is not appropriate for a child
  • Physically unable to care for a child
  • Negative relationship with the other parent
  • Circumstances of the conception
  • No support from the other parent
  • Problems in my marriage/relationship
  • Want to make someone a parent by allowing them to adopt my baby
  • Don’t know who the other parent is
  • Lack of support from family
  • Lack of support from friends
  • Continuing education plans
  • Don’t want parents/family to know of the pregnancy/baby
  • Baby may have special needs/disability

A Letter from our Caseworkers to You

Please know that I understand pregnancy and adoption are so complex, and I’m here to
talk and be of service. I can never tell you what the “right” decision is for you, but I can untangle all the emotions and thoughts you’re having with you – and this can hopefully lead to a process that you are as confident as possible in owning.

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