Is Older Child Adoption for You?

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He is an active and energetic 13-year-old who loves sports and likes to give hugs. Aidan also enjoys playing board games and video games...

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Soft-spoken and laid-back, Paul wants to be a billionaire someday. The fact that science and math are his favorite subjects...

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Chris is an active 15-year-old who enjoys horses and horseback riding. When he is not riding horses he loves video games,...

Miguel, Gary, and Jacob’s A-OK Journey

Gary and I met in December of 2014. We knew from the start that we always wanted to have children as our first priority has always been family.  In 2017 we got engaged and knew right away we wanted to start our adoption journey.  Gary and I first thought of fostering to adopt, but after learning the main purpose of foster care was to reunify children with their parents, we reflected on this and felt this was not the best path for us.

A-OK Program – Adopt An Older Kid Program

The A-OK Program, Adopt an Older Kid, is a special program of Adoption STAR.

If you’re hoping to expand your family, adopting from our A-OK Program may be the right decision for you. Adoption STAR works hard to develop relationships throughout the United States with agencies and counties responsible for children in foster care. If you are hoping to adopt an older child or a sibling group in the United States, you should seriously consider our comprehensive program. Get started today by clicking the button below or simply give us a call at 1-866-691-3300.

Getting Started: Your 12 Step Guide

Amazing Benefits Older Kids Receive Just
By Being Adopted:

  • They will be obtaining stability.
  • They will have positive role models.
  • They will increase positive attachments.
  • Their coping skills will be enhanced.
  • They will receive resources and support for a lifetime.
  • They will have an immediate family.
  • They will have an extended family.
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Foster Care Then and Now

Foster Care Then and Now

While foster care existed before the 19th century in various forms, it wasn’t until 1853, when Charles Brace created the Orphan Train Movement where he planned for city children living in poor conditions to be sent to live and work on farms. More than 120,000 children were transported to new lives through the early 1900s. Today the foster care system is over run due to neglect, domestic violence and drug abuse and addiction. The system when it succeeds reunites birth parents and children into stronger families, or identifies a kinship placement. If that fails then the child is hopefully adopted by their foster parent(s). Close to 50% of foster families do not proceed with the adoption of the child or children in their home. Foster Care was meant to be a temporary living situation but unfortunately children remain there for years, often changing foster homes frequently, and as they get older, moving into group homes or finding themselves homeless or incarcerated.

Is Older Child Adoption for You? Take This Quiz

Every adult living in your house should complete this self-assessment quiz. Discuss the results openly and honestly. It may help you decide if older child adoption is right for your family.

1. I need a child so I won’t feel so unhappy.


2. Children from foster care are easy to please because they are so happy to have a home.


3. Providing a home to a child from foster care is a way to rescue children from a difficult situation.


4. The money paid through a subsidy will help me meet all of my expenses.


5. All that children need is a lot of love.


6. I can contribute to a better society by being a good parent.


7. I did a pretty good job with my other children so I think I’ll be good with a child from foster care.


8. My child needs a playmate. My child wants a sibling.


9. I know I have a lot to learn about parenting children from foster care but I want to begin.


10. Childhood can be a difficult time. I feel I can relate to children going through rough times.


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A-OK Program FAQ

Please contact us if you find your questions are not answered here.

Why did Adoption STAR create the A-OK Program?

If a child is waiting for an adoptive family, they are not A-OK. Let’s face it… Countless children in our very own country are in foster homes, group homes, hospitals and institutions. Every year, thousands of children age-out of the system, simply because they were never adopted. This is not OK.


Adoption STAR created the A-OK program to identify families for children waiting in U.S. foster care. Adoption STAR does not create foster homes for children, but certifies families to adopt children from foster care. Adoption STAR creates matches between waiting children and families. Adoption STAR prepares families for the match, works with them through the entire journey pre-placement, placement, post-placement and post adoption.


Adoption STAR believes that every child needs and deserves a forever family and that there is a forever family for every child. Permanency planning is our number one goal for children in foster care.

Who are the older kids available for adoption?

Adoption STAR can help you adopt a child who is currently in foster care in New York, Ohio, Florida or other states. These children range in age from toddlers to 21 years old, with most of the children in need of adoption from age 9 to 20. The children we advocate for are legally available for adoption. Many have siblings and they hope to join a family together.


Some children have developmental delays, physical or emotional challenges. Many of these children have experienced neglect and abuse in their past.

Why chose Adoption STAR for older child adoption?

Even though there are more children in foster care than there are adoptive parent applicants, families describe long wait times, cite experiences with no referrals or situations where children were removed from their home because they were not actually freed for adoption. The system is sadly broken. Adoption STAR has created a program that works with you every step of the journey.




  • Adoption STAR can help you adopt a child who is already legally freed for adoption and waiting for their forever family without having to go through the hassle of a county or a public agency.
  • Adoption STAR places older children legally available for adoption – you do not need to take the risk of first being a child’s foster family and risk having to say goodbye to that child.
  • Adoption STAR does not have a waiting list to begin the educational and home study process.
  • Adoption STAR does not believe in waiting lists for older child or infant adoption.
  • The Adoption STAR A-OK program provides you a family advocate who works to identify a child or children for you.
  • Adoption STAR does not have a high turn around of staff. Very sadly the average time a social worker works in the county foster care field is 6 months. A child in care may have experienced a revolving door of social workers and foster families.
  • Adoption STAR doesn’t give up. We are passionate and committed and work tirelessly to make matches between children and families.
  • Since 2000, Adoption STAR has placed hundreds of children in permanent families. Adoption STAR’s founder and CEO has been in the adoption field advocating on behalf of children since 1988.

Do older kids have a say in their adoption?

Yes, most states have a requirement that children of a certain age give their consent to be adopted. The age varies by state. Fourteen is the most common consent age, but some states require kids as young as ten years old to provide consent to adoption.

Can we adopt a child as they are aging out of foster care who may be 18 or older?

Yes, in many states you are able to do this. We never outgrow the need for family. Being adopted at 18 or older provides someone an immediate family and extended family.

Does my geographic location matter?

If you reside within New York, Florida and Ohio, we can work with you to welcome an older child or children who are already legally available for adoption into your family. Nationwide, there are many children waiting to be adopted. We will help you find the right child, or children, for your family.


If you reside outside of these states, we will consider you on a case-by-case basis.

What type of families are you looking for?

Both couples and singles are welcome to adopt from Adoption STAR.


We welcome LGBTQIA+ families!


We love working with families who are flexible and realistic about the needs of children in foster care. You must be resilient, committed, and it is an extra bonus to have a sense of humor. You need to understand that love is not enough. You do not need to have a lot of money or own your home, but you do need to be resourceful and be committed to obtaining outside help, resources, and participating in post adoption support.


We want families who believe, along with us, that no child of any age is unadoptable.


We want families who believe, along with us, that every person has the right to a forever family and unconditional love and support.


We want families who believe, along with us, that it is never too late for a family.

Thank You

The decision to adopt a child is one of the most serious and important decisions a family can make. Choosing the right agency is necessary.


There are differences between adoption agencies. This is your journey. It is important that you select an agency that you feel comfortable with and one that will provide you with the support and assistance you need. Adoption STAR provides CONFIDENTIAL, UNBIASED and COMPASSIONATE information, support, expertise, and guidance. Contact us today.