Support Groups

Adoption STAR’s support groups provide a nice blend of counseling, education and social support. It is not uncommon to find the groups getting together for a meal, arranging a speaker, discussing a sensitive topic, or planning an event.

Adoption Registries

For information on other adoption registries throughout the state,
please contact Adoption STAR directly.

Tapestry Books

The premier book website for adoption classics and for cutting edge information on adoption and related issues.

Tapestry Books is an online bookstore and resource website that is dedicated solely to adoption and adoption-related information. Books listed on Tapestry Books cover a wide range of topics including Open Adoption, Infertility, Transracial Adoption, Adoption Children’s Books, International Adoption, Books for Birthparents, Choosing Adoption, and many more. In addition to books, Tapestry Books also offers informational free resources such as Adoption Videos and CD’s, articles written by adoption authors, and Expert Viewpoints.

All of this information is easily available at: Tapestry Books

Free E-book

Wisdom and Advice From Adoptive Parents – Over the years, Adoption STAR has collected the writings of many of our clients during various stages of their adoption journey … words from prospective adoptive parents, adoptive moms and dads and birth parents too and have compiled an E-Book called, Adoption Stories, Poems & Advice.


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