Chris is waiting

Help this child find his Forever Home!

Are you able to help this very special little boy find his forever family? He deserves to find a family who is unconditionally committed and will help him achieve his greatest potential.

Chris is an active 15-year-old who enjoys horses and horseback riding. When he is not riding horses he loves video games, anything electronic and learning to play his red guitar. Chris is a laid-back child who, based on his experiences, has some difficulty trusting adults, but once he gets comfortable with someone he forms a great bond with them.

Chris is an intelligent child and given the rights supports will do well.
He has a sister and an aunt and uncle that he keeps in contact with and it is important for him to maintain this relationship.

Chris is a compassionate young teen who needs lots of love and attention. Can you be the family to provide the direction and care he deserves?

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