Keshundra, Keith, Rayne, Ray’Ciyiah, and Raymond are waiting

(Ages 13, 12, 6, 5, 3)

Help these children find their Forever Home!

Are you able to help these very special children find their forever family? They deserve to find a family who is unconditionally committed and will help them achieve their greatest potential.

This dynamic sibling group is full of energy and excitement! The love they have for each other is strong and they wish for nothing more than being placed together.


Keshundra is the oldest and she has been described as caring with a strong personality, taking on a maternal role for her younger siblings. She loves to dance, draw, sing and play outside with her siblings. Keshundra’s favorite past time is listening to music and singing karaoke.


Next comes Keith, the oldest brother of this group. He has been described as being a gamer because he loves to play his play station. Keith loves to rap and sing. He wants to be a rapper when he grows up.


Rayne is the 3rd kiddo in this sibling group. She has been described as being organized, intelligent and a good singer. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite animals are dogs and small cats. Rayne loves to draw and play outside.


Ray’Ciyiah is the youngest sister. She has been described as being a caring, shy and friendly child. She loves to play outside and go to the park. Ray’Ciyiah also loves to draw and listen and dance to music.


Last, but certainly not least, is the youngest child in this sibling group, Raymond. Raymond has been described as being caring, and he likes to receive and give hugs and kisses. He like to ride his bike, listen and dance to music and play outside. Raymond has a history of being scared of animals. His favorite superhero is Spiderman.


The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child’s specific needs. Are you the family for this incredible sibling group?

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