Adoption STAR will allow families seeking to adopt the opportunities to receive assistance for this difficult task.

The idea behind Adoption STAR will benefit all children from different walks of life.

Our office is delighted to have an agency offering numerous adoption services in the area… there is great demand for such services within the community and it would help lift a heavy burden off local families wishing to adopt in knowing where to go for help

I believe you have identified an important area of need for adoption services and I applaud your emphais on adoption education.

There is probably no one else in the community with more dedication, passion and experience dealing with the adoption of children.

I appreciate the time you spent helping on the recent case. I don’t know what I would have done without your assistance.

I’m not an Adoptive Parent. I’m not a Birth Parent. Who am I, then, and why am I writing this story? It was 2005, and I was 18 years old when Michele asked me to join the Adoption STAR team. I was just finishing a very tough several years of school and was about to embark on an emotionally difficult personal journey for me. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day at STAR. They had just moved into a new building. There were things in boxes for me to unpack. There was paperwork for me to file. Phones were ringing, I was told how to answer them, if I wanted to. I was too scared, and it took me 3 days to answer the phone. Overall, I was terrified. It was my first REAL JOB, after all. But I came back the next day. And the next, which was when I stopped being terrified of everything in the office. That third day was also a day that changed my life forever. A baby had been born, and discharged, and brought back to the office. The Adoptive mother was also in the office, filling out paperwork. Someone needed to hold the baby. And, for about 3 hours, I got to sit in someone’s office and hold a newborn. Then I watched as this tiny baby girl was placed with her mother. THIS was my first experience with adoption. I believe that I fell in love with adoption that day. Seeing a mother hold her baby for the first time, there is nothing like it. (What makes the story even better is that I continue to see this child all the time now. She is now a teenager and knows the story of me holding her.) I stayed with Adoption STAR for 5 years, and I still call it, “The Best Job I Ever Held”. Adoption STAR got me through rough times, happy times, and I am forever grateful for having the Best Job Ever. I learned so much about adoption while I was working there, and now, as I am getting older and thinking about starting a family one day, I know where to turn when it does come time for me to adopt a STAR child of my own.