Infant Adoption - Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program

The Agency-Assisted Private Adoption Program has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of adoptive parents as they begin their journey to adopting a baby. It utilizes the very best and proven techniques to adopt a baby while remaining in control of the process and by keeping fees reasonable. Most importantly, it offers you the full support of an adoption agency AND an adoption attorney working together to help you to succeed. The agency-assisted program is open to all New York State, Florida and Ohio residents. Those residing in other states may be considered.

Adoption STAR offers a personalized training on how you can adopt a child privately with the assistance of an agency. This one of a kind model has a proven track record! Unlike other private adoption options, no retainer fee or training fee is necessary! The placement fees involved in this program are half of the fees involved with a traditional agency adoption. Now there is no reason for you not to consider adoption!

Adoption STAR has a wonderful reputation for offering premier adoption services throughout Western New York. The Private Adoption Track fulfills the agency’s mission to meet all adoption related needs. The agency continues to offer a successful traditional agency program offering both domestic and international adoption options.

Utilize this adoption program to begin a successful adoption journey with the support, training, advocacy and resources of a reputable agency.


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