Adoption Support

Adoption is a lifelong process and the agency’s support services reflect that. Adoption is emotionally demanding for all involved. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and emotions help many people through the process.

Adoption STAR offers comprehensive support services including individual, couples, group and telephone counseling. In addition, the agency has organized its own support groups to offer support to all those touched by adoption.

Family STAR

Family STAR, a department of Adoption STAR provides post adoption support services to any member of the adoption triad in need of assistance. Adoption STAR always says that adoption is a lifelong journey and is therefore a part of someone’s “story” forever, regardless of their specific connection to adoption. As a result, Family STAR is committed to offering education, counseling, referrals, support groups or activities to assist anyone in the community touched by adoption.

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Blue Rose

Blue Rose is the Birth Parent Support Group of Adoption STAR and was created to provide post-adoption support to individuals and couples who make the decision to place their child in an adoptive family. Being a birth parent is a life-long decision and Blue Rose recognizes that adoption support needs to be available for birth parents no matter what stage they are at during their personal life journey. The support group was given its name because blue roses are unique, and roses themselves are significant for the thorns that come before the beautiful budding flower. Life’s path can sometimes be strewn with difficulties and pain… but lead to enlightenment and joy for those who brave the rocky path. This unique group is facilitated by adoption counselors and birth parents. Blue Rose holds group meetings, social events, such as an annual holiday party and ice cream social, as well as an annual Birth Mother’s Day event. From time to time, members of the support group assist with educating prospective adoptive parents on the realities of birth families who make an adoption plan and the unique joys and challenges of open adoption.

If you are a birth parent and feel you may be interested in learning more about the Blue Rose group, please contact the agency directly. Pregnant people considering adoption are also welcomed to attend to help gather some of the information they need to make an informed decision on whether adoption is right for them and their child.

Sofia (Supporting Our Families Interested in Adoption)

Sofia (Supporting Our Families Interested in Adoption) is the adoptive family support group of Adoption STAR. Adoption STAR believes that support is critical to achieving the goal of finding permanent, stable, loving families for children, as well as maintaining those families who have already adopted. Parents need information that will strengthen their families and enable them to handle the challenges of adoptive parenthood. Sofia is a group that embraces family. Sofia hosts meetings, educational workshops, and social gatherings for adoptees, their families and extended family. Sofia’s mission is to welcome families involved in all types of adoptions, including agency, private, international, foster care or kinship. Sofia supports adoptive families in all stages of adoption. The support group offers information and education to adoptive families and the community at large. The involvement in a support group reduces the likelihood of adoption disruption or dissolution. For more information on Sofia please contact the agency directly by phone or email.

A.C.E.(Adoptee Circle of Experience)

A.C.E. stands for Adoptee Circle of Experience. There are two groups currently, one is specifically geared to adult adoptees and the other one is for adopted tweens and teens.

A.C.E. hosts meetings, social events and provides information and referral. For more information on this support group contact the agency directly.

Though adoption is often referred to as a triangle, or triad — adoptive parents, birth parents and the adoptee at each corner — Adoption STAR prefers to see it as a circle. The circle is a complete series forming a connected whole; a cycle. It encompasses a number of persons bound by a common tie; a family circle. An adoptee’s life is full of varying experiences. For some these experiences include security and stability, for others even if their adoption journey has been happy, it may include feelings of loss and separation. A.C.E. is a comfortable group to share these experiences with. A.C.E. hopes to enable all members to learn and grow from their experiences.

Although A.C.E. is not a search group, there will be resources available to help begin a search as well as support available from members of the group that have undergone a search themselves. Most importantly A.C.E., along with Adoption STAR, is able to provide the availability of others who understand the emotions and choices in seeking one’s birth family. A search may or may not be for everyone and A.C.E. will respect one’s decision.

Birth Grandparent Support Group

Adoption STAR recognizes the importance of extended family members in adoption. Birth grandparents, specifically, can experience a wide range of emotions when their birth grandchild is placed for adoption. Many times, birth grandparents are facing the placement of their first grandchild. Birth grandparents need to manage their own feelings in a healthy way in order to be supportive of their children through the process and in the ensuing years. Many of our birth grandparents experience a high degree of loss and grief, as well as feelings around what their expectations and dreams for their own children were. For many, it’s the “how could my child be in this situation?” that shakes their own sense of parenting. This may cause anger, sadness, and guilt. All of these issues need to be talked about so that birth grandparents can get to a place where they can manage their own feelings and support their children in a healthy manner. Contact the agency for more information.


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