Adoption STAR

Chris Fancher, BA, BS

Office Manager

Chris is Adoption STAR’s Office Manager. Chris first started at Adoption STAR in 2012 working in Post Adoption Correspondence and Office Support. Chris continued his time at STAR while he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University at Buffalo, graduating in 2017.

Since starting in 2012, Chris has held various roles at the agency, including Administrative Assistant, Intake Worker, and Tapestry Books Resource Associate. In his current role as Office Manager, Chris oversees building matters, processes client paperwork, and helps ensure client files and home studies remain compliant. Chris also continues to act as Resource Associate for Tapestry Books, the nation’s first adoption-focused book store. Chris is very passionate about Tapestry Books, and provides all members of the adoption circle and the community-at-large with fantastic adoption books and resources.

While not personally touched by adoption, Chris believes there is a home for every child and is thrilled to be part of an agency that creates families.

Outside of adoption, Chris is a huge fan of concerts and live music, a vocal member of the Bills Mafia, and an avid reader. He lives in Buffalo, NY with his cat, Demeter.