Adoption STAR

Flory Herman, Esq.

Counsel Emeritus

Flory Herman is a former pharmacist with a doctorate degree in pharmacy from the University of Kentucky, 1982. She graduated law school from the New York Law School (1988 cum laude) and was admitted to the New York State bar in January 1989. Her prior experience includes medical malpractice litigation. In 1992, Flory founded one of the most successful private adoption law practices in Western New York and has been a fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Adoption Attorneys since 1995.


Flory joined forces with Adoption STAR, Inc. in 2006 when she helped develop the “agency assisted private adoption track,” serving as the Agency’s Private Adoption Consultant. In that position, Flory worked hard to implement up-to-date practices in assisting adoptive parents with effective networking and advertising, to enable them to make that special connection with prospective birth parents. Thereafter, Flory served as the Agency’s General Counsel from 2008 through 2010 and now as Counsel Emeritus, since January 2011.

Independent of her role at Adoption STAR, Flory also partnered with her brother, Alan Wishnoff, in Littlelamb Productions from 2006-2009, a video production company that created beautiful and compelling custom video versions of adoptive parent profiles.

Flory also executive produced and directed the documentary-style film “I Have Roots and Branches”… Personal Reflections on Adoption, which received a 2004 Film Advisory Board award of excellence, recognized world-wide for quality family/children’s entertainment.

Flory is always awed by the miracle of adoption, having experienced it both professionally for so many years, and personally. Flory’s focus is often on the “faces of adoption” i.e. the children, adoptive parents and birth families of adoption, promoting adoption reform and educating society to share her “celebration of adoption”. As she puts it, “We want children to know that if they were adopted, it is a wonderful lifelong journey. Let us all celebrate the roots from which they come and the branches that mold them into who they are and where they will go.”


Flory, a proud adoptive mom, lives in East Amherst, NY with her husband, two teenage children and two Italian Greyhounds. She loves to cook, watch foreign films and will take any good easy exercise class!