Adoption STAR

Kathy Crissey, MS, LMHC

Adoption Consultant & Licensed Mental Health Specialist

Kathy has been affiliated with Adoption STAR since 2002. Throughout the years Kathy has served in the role of per diem social worker, post adoption support and served as the Director of Adoption. Kathy is currently working part time in the main office supervising Family STAR and the per diem workers. Kathy continues to provide home study services in both the domestic infant adoption program and the A-OK program as well as counseling services to all members of the adoption triad. In addition to her work with Adoption STAR, Kathy maintains a private practice office where she provides mental health services for clients. In her private practice, she focuses on general mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, adoption related issues, LGBTQ+ individuals with a focus on adolescents who are managing issues related to gender identity and clients who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Adoption has always been near and dear to Kathy’s heart both from a personal and professional perspective. Kathy is the adoptive mother to four children from China. As a mother to internationally adopted children it has been a goal to help her children retain their heritage and to foster a strong sense of pride in their culture of origin.


Kathy notes that she feels fortunate to have been connected with Adoption STAR for so many years and enjoys her continued collaboration with the agency.