Adoption STAR

Zack Fried

Compliance Director

As a member of the executive team, Zack is responsible for accomplishing compliance objectives, establishing compliance standards, taking the lead on the planning and organization of site visits and licensing reviews, directing staff, human resources, enhancing a client experience through quality assurance, etc.


Zack loves to provide guidance and support to all those interested in learning more about adoption and Adoption STAR. As an adoptee, Zack feels a special connection to adoption and all the processes involved. He is very open to sharing his personal story.

Zack participates as a facilitator in pre-parenthood classes and adoption orientation sessions. Additionally, Zack is the facilitator of ACE (Adoptee Circle of Experience support group) providing support, resources and search information for adult adoptees. He is a talented and frequent speaker at nationwide conferences and workshops.


Outside of adoption, Zack loves watching movies, getting caught up in a David Baldacci novel, eating, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.