30-Day Challenge: Week 4

We took a week off of updating everyone on our 30 Day Challenge, but that doesn’t mean the challenges stopped. We’re only a few days away from completing our goals…. and I can already taste the bubbles of carbonation hitting my lips.

My 30 day challenge was not drinking soda for 30 days. Though I had a close call when I drank a glass of Loganberry, it was decided at the staff meeting that Loganberry is not considered a soda, so my 30-day challenge is still going strong. I was drinking too much soda before this challenge began, and I do not plan on going back to that amount again, but I think limiting myself to no soda for the rest of my life would be a bit extreme. I’d like to find a good balance between no soda at all and 2-3 cans per day.

Adoption STAR Client Relations Manager, Zack Fried, chose to read for 30 minutes every day for his challenge. He has already finished his first book, Switch Kill, and is already onto his second book. He said that reading every day for one month has created a habit, and he is now making a conscious effort to read. Once this 30-day challenge is finished this Friday (2/17) he will begin his next 30-day challenge: journaling.

Right now we have two staff members who chose journaling as part of their 30-day challenge. Adoption STAR Executive Assistant, Lori Craig, has been focusing on listing five things she is thankful for every day. She said that journaling has become a habit that she will continue, but to ensure the journals safety, Lori joked that she will be throwing it in a bonfire this summer “so no one can read it.” Family Advocate, Missy Spatari, also chose journaling as part of her 30-day challenge. While Lori wants to ensure the secrecy of her journal, Missy joked that she may publish her journal when it’s complete. She even has the title picked out: “The Diary of an Adoption Social Worker.”

Adoption STAR Project Lead, Michael Hill, also chose to write for his 30-day-challenge. Instead of journaling, Michael is writing one letter per day and sending it to somebody through snail mail. Michael says the response has been great and he has gotten several text messages and phone calls from people thanking him for thinking of them. Michael said that continuing to write one letter every day may not be feasible, but he is planning on keeping the habit by writing one letter per-week…so keep on the lookout in your mailbox.

Administrative Assistant, Angel Valby, chose to run one mile per day for her challenge. She said that she quickly realized that wasn’t going to be possible, but instead is running three to four times per week. She said the biggest effect of the 30-day-challenge was that it forced her to get a gym membership…and a new pair of shoes.

Michele Fried, Adoption STAR CEO and Founder, has been stretching every day for 30-days for her challenge. Michele is training for a marathon and said that stretching every day has helped her progress.

“It’s becoming a habit,” Michele said. “I’ll stretch anywhere now.”

Michele is also thinking about her next challenges, and would like to come up with a few annual goals.

How is your 30-day challenge going? Only a few days to go!