5 Myths About Foster Care

Myth: I have to be married to be a foster parent.

False. Single people can be foster parents!

Myth: I have to be a stay at home parent to be a foster parent.

False. People who are foster parents can work full time.

Myth: All foster children are very damaged. I cannot do anything that will make a difference.

False. Because of loving and committed foster families, foster children have succeeded in all areas. Foster children have impacted foster families’ lives just as foster families have positively touched the lives of many children. You also have a say in the type of child or children you feel you can care for. You receive extensive education and guidance on children and their needs before a placement occurs.

Myth: I am too old to be a foster parent.

False. There is no age cap. Some of the best foster families are often “empty nesters.”

Myth: I can’t be a foster parent because it would be too painful to have the children leave.

This is one of the greatest myths out there. There are several types of foster care programs including fost-adopt programs where you may be able to adopt the children placed with you. However, it is true that you will get attached and it may be very painful when they leave, if they must. But you will have gained so much from the experience and you will have provided a child who was once suffering with a home and love that they will take with them forever.

For more information on where to go if you are interested in becoming a foster parent call Adoption STAR or email us. You may also contact The Coalition of Adoption Foster Family Agencies.

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