9 Reasons to Share the Adoption STAR Facebook Page

We are taking a page out of David Letterman’s playbook by presenting you with our Top 9 reasons you should share the Adoption STAR Facebook page with your Facebook friends. Thank you in advance for your help!

1. As the Facebook page grows there will be more input from commenters and better conversations about adoption topics.

2. The Adoption STAR Facebook page currently has just under 1300 followers. If everyone invited just TWO people to join the page, that would increase the number to 3,855…that’s a pretty good number, and a large pool of people to share and learn from.

3.  It’s really easy to do….Just click the drop-down menu next to the “Message” button in the top right corner of the page and click share. Then type a message that will appear on your Facebook profile. It can say something like “Come join the conversation at the Adoption STAR Facebook page!”

4. By sharing the Facebook page you are helping grow awareness of the agency, and making it possible for Adoption STAR to educate even more people about adoption.

5. Why not?

6. The more likes and comments a Facebook page’s update gets, the more people have the opportunity to see it. By having a larger number of followers, Adoption STAR will have a better opportunity to receive a large number”likes” and “comments” on every post, which will, in turn, allow more people the opportunity to receive our posts.

7. The Adoption STAR Facebook Page is a great place to find adoption news and interesting stories, as well as quotes and trivia questions relating to adoption.

8. Because we’re asking nicely.

9. Our Facebook page is also a great place to find out more about volunteer opportunities and news about the agency.

There you have it, the top nine reasons you should share the Adoption STAR Facebook page with your Facebook friends. As we mentioned in reason number 2, if all of our followers just shared the page with TWO people, that would make a great difference.

If you have any questions or need help sharing the Facebook page, please email Alex Rubin.