A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words and A Thousand Smiles At Adoption STAR

By Michele Fried, Adoption STAR Founder & CEO

Michele Fried

There are so many reasons why I love to come to work and one reason is simply the beautiful faces adorning the walls of our main office.

These beautiful children, their birth families and adoptive families shine a light on adoption and how each story is unique. They each tell a story from so many perspectives ~ the birth family, the adoptive family, the child and the agency…

Whether I am walking quickly down the hall for an appointment, to chase my puppy (don’t ask) or to collect my mail or make a photocopy, I smile at each canvas I pass.

Sometimes I linger and recall a particular placement day or a particular family or child and their special story.

I love giving tours and pointing out even the smallest photograph that may be nestled on a shelf in our library and how that particular photo and related story continues to motivate us in the work we do.

I love the reactions of first time visitors, even vendors when they look around and see the many faces that represent adoption and Adoption STAR and I especially love that many of our STAR babies are able to come visit and point out their photos!

It is very touching to see that so many of our adoptees have families who value taking a trip to the Adoption STAR main office, whether it be around the corner for them or many miles away, to assist in sharing their adoption journey and their personal story.

The age-old statement, a picture is worth a thousand words certainly holds true at Adoption STAR!

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