A Quiz: Get to Know the Adoption STAR Staff

As a fun way to explore our new website and for you to get to know our staff, here is a quiz. Answer the question by mousing over the answer you think is correct. If you are incorrect, the picture will stay the same. If you are correct, well … you’ll see. To find out about all our staff visit our new staff page where you can rollover their baby pictures to see what they look like all grown up.

1. Which one of the Adoption STAR staff skates in a Roller Derby?

  • MSW Intern Stephanie Velez, MSW
  • Expectant Parent Social Worker Alecia Zimmerman, MSW

  • Administrative Assistant Senovia Cuevas

2. Which one of the staff recently met Eric Stonestreet, best known for his starring role as Cameron Tucker on the ABC comedy Modern Family?

  • Client Support Lisa Geiger

  • Adoption Social Worker April Fong
  • Adoptive Parent Mentor Sue Reardon

3. Which one of the staff was married last June?

  • Adoption Social Worker Lynlee Barbour
  • Family Advocate Shannon Boeheim

  • Family Advocate Rachael Metz

4. Which one of the staff’s pets have their own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LennonConure and https://www.facebook.com/SidBunny?

  • Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw
  • CEO & Founder Michele Fried
  • Development Associate Kristin Ackerman

5. Which one of the Adoption STAR staff is an adoption aficionado by day and adopter of books by night?

  • International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery
  • Ohio Program Director Angela Laman

  • Florida Program Director Alice Kelley

2. Which one of the staff is about to become a Godparent to his/her sister’s baby?

  • Administrative Assistant Senovia Cuevas

  • Agency Associate Director Michael Hill
  • Client Support Zack Fried

Check out the cool rollovers on our staff and board of directors pages:

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