Activity Ideas for Birth Family-Adoptive Family Visits

One of the questions that we’re asked a lot is “where should we go/what should we do on our visit with our child’s birth family/adoptive family?” One of the keys to these visits is to plan an activity that everyone can participate in. As the relationship grows and everyone gets to know each other better, maybe there will be invites to birthday parties or holiday celebrations, but in the beginning meeting at a park or for lunch can be the perfect visit.

Why not take advantage of the nice summer weather with these 5 ideas for the perfect adoptive family birth family visit:

– The Zoo: Who doesn’t love to watch the monkeys interact with each other? This can be a great activity for everyone involved as you walk around the park, see all of the animals, and get to know each other better.

– Picnic in the park: This can be perfect with a younger child. It will allow the birth mother to spend some time holding and/or feeding the child, while also allowing everyone to get to know each other and become more comfortable around each other.

– McDonalds Play Area: If your child is a little older this can be the perfect activity. Have lunch at one of the many McDonalds that have a play area, than let your kids have fun on the slide and the jungle gym.

– Swimming: The last few days have been perfect weather for the pool, and hopefully things will stay that way for the next few months. Whether it’s the community pool or a water park, spending a few hours together in the water on a hot day can be the perfect visit.

– Buffalo Bisons game: If your children are younger they’ll love having ice cream, spending time with their birth family, and interacting with the Bisons’ great mascot “Buster.” If they’re older they may even enjoy the game, either way even if you stay for only half of the game a Bisons game can be a fun activity for the day.

What are some activities that you have done with your child’s birth family/adoptive family that you have enjoyed?