Adopt! and Participate!


Scott, the husband of our Associate Director Michael Hill shares why he gave to the Adoption STAR Family Tree. With your donation to the family tree, you will be put in the drawing for a diamond necklace. This diamond heart necklace was generously donated by Bomi Jewelers (value $770) and will be won by one of our lucky contributors at the Adoption STAR Open House & Ribbon Cutting ~ 131 John Muir Drive Amherst, NY 14228. Everyone is welcome.

My husband and I decided to embark on our adoption journey back in 2008, and we made the decision that Adoption STAR felt like the right agency for us. Here we are, five years later….and I’ve got two adorable sons and a heart full of appreciation for the organization that made me a parent.

When I saw that the agency was planning to create and install the Adoption STAR Family Tree in the lobby of their new building, and my first thought was, “of course I want to participate!“ Buying a leaf on the tree seems like such a small way to give financial support and say “thank you” to an agency that’s given me so much and changed my life in the most wonderful way (twice)!

However, I have to be honest….my desire to participate was primarily driven by two other important points of consideration – my sons! The words “adoption” and “adopted” are uttered frequently at our house. Whether it’s a children’s book read at bedtime that features an adoption-related theme or simply saying things like, “I feel so lucky to have adopted you because it means I get to have you as my son,” or “you know your friend Marcus? He was adopted by his parents….just like you were adopted by us,” we feel it’s important to talk about adoption and use the term regularly and appropriately with our little guys. Having that said, Adoption STAR is a really important part of their adoption journey, and while their own individual adoption stories are quite different, the agency is a BIG thing their adoption journeys have in common.

The Adoption STAR Family Tree gives my boys an opportunity to see with their own eyes not only their names up on the tree (and the loving message we’ve written to them), but more importantly the fact that many other families are touched by adoption, touched by Adoption STAR, and they too have their names up on the tree. It gives my boys an actual, physical connection to the agency that helped make our family a reality. Adoption is normal. Adoption is love. Adoption STAR is special. Our family is special. My boys are really, REALLY special. The Adoption STAR Family Tree is a tremendous way to convey important messages like these to folks that have been touched by adoption….all by purchasing one little leaf.



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