Adoption in the Military; Happy Veteran’s Day

Michele Fried

On this Veteran’s Day, our CEO and Founder Michele Fried answers questions about military families and the adoption process

On Veteran’s Day we would like to thank everyone who is serving and protecting us. We thought today would be a good time to highlight the special considerations involved with military families adopting.

Can I adopt if I am in the military?


What if my spouse is deployed during the adoption process?

You are able to obtain power of attorney.

Does the military assist with any financial benefits?

adoptive military dad

Yes. According to the Department of Defense anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 may be available to those who complete an adoption through an adoption agency. Military families are also eligible for the Adoption Tax Credit.

Where May I Obtain More Information?

AdoptUsKids produced a booklet that serves as a comprehensive guide to military families considering adoption.

Also a site called Military Money provides some good basic information:

Does Adoption STAR Work With Military Families?

Yes, we work with both adoptive families and birth families that are members of the military.

I dream of raising a child who will one day to ask, ‘Mother, what was war?’
Michele Fried

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