Adoption In The News

Good Morning everyone! The sun is shining at Adoption STAR HQ in Buffalo, hope that it’s doing the same wherever you are today.

US Rep. Pete Stark, a Democrat from San Francisco, CA. has introduced a bill that would prohibit adoption and foster care agencies from discriminating against potential clients due to “gender equity, sexual orientation or marital status” according to an article from the Virginian Pilot.

The article says that only New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and the District of Columbia, currently “prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in child placement, according to the Family Equality Council, a group that advocates for equal family rights.” If passed, this new bill would take the decision out of the individual state’s hands, and would create regulations that all agencies that “receive federal assistance or contract with entities that receive federal assistance” would need to follow.

If you are looking for basic information on the adoption laws in a specific state, visit the Adoption STAR website.