Adoption In The News

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A video about the issues currently surrounding adoptions in Nepal can be seen on our Facebook page, and this article shows that some of the same issues have been happening in China for many years. According to the article, China’s one-child policy, leads to many children being stolen from families and placed into orphanages where they are placed for international adoption. The article says that more than 100,000 children have been adopted from these orphanages, and over 50,000 of children from Chinese orphanages have been adopted by American families.

According to the article, “children can be seized if they are born to unmarried couples, to parents whose marriage has not been officially recognized, if the parents have exceeded quotas, or if a child is adopted without meeting specific requirements.”

All of these stories can be overwhelming when looking into international adoption, but by going through a HAGUE accredited adoption agency such as Adoption STAR, you will get the education necessary to to prepare you for your adoption journey.