Adoption In The News: Florida Gay and Lesbian Adoption Law Reversal, One Year Later

One year ago this month (October 2010) Florida reversed a 33-year law that barred gays and lesbians from adopting. Since the law reversal hundreds of gay and lesbian men and women in Florida have began the process of growing their family through adoption.

According to this article from the Sun Sentinel, it is estimated that “more than 100 men and women in South Florida’s gay and lesbian community have pending adoption cases.”

The article told the story of several different families, including Victor Martin, who is a single gay man. Martin adopted a 21-month-old daughter in December. He had been a foster parent before, but told the paper that he was “ready for permanent family.”

In order to get around the law, Jennifer Digillio said that she and her partner moved to California where they adopted a son and daughter and then moved back to Florida.

“We took two children out of foster care in California who could have been taken out of foster care in Floirda,” Digillio told the article. “It seemed pretty strange that the state was saying it’s OK to be a foster parent but you can’t adopt.”

The article shares several similar stories of gay and lesbian couples who recently, or are on the verge of, finalizing their adoptions in Florida because of the law reversal.

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