Adoption In the News: “Florida Receives Adoption Incentive Award”

The Florida Department of Children and Families was recently awarded an “Adoption Incentive” Federal Grant of $3.8 million. According to an article by this is the third consecutive year that the state has received this financial award.

The article said that the sum of $3.8 million was based on “the total number of children adopted in federal fiscal year 2010 and also the number children older than 9 or with special needs who were adopted during that time period.”

The financial award is used to subsidize families who adopt children through foster care. The article said that “Any person who adopts a child from foster care in Florida receives $417 a month until the child turns 18.”

According to the article over 3,000 foster children were adopted in the state of Florida in 2010, and the “state has found homes” for close to 14,000 foster children in the past four years.

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