Adoption In The News: My painful path to parenthood

Many of you know actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from “X-Men” or from hosting the Tony’s, the guy can really sing can’t he? But in this article in the “Herald Sun” Jachman opened up about the infertility he and his wife have struggled through, and how they turned to adoption.

“It was painful,” Jackman said in the article. “It’s not easy. You put a lot of time and effort into it, so it’s emotional. I think any parent can relate – trying to have children is wonderful and when you feel as though that’s not going to happen, there’s a certain anxiety that goes with it.”

There are many articles and stories about celebrities adopting, but few celebrities have been so open about their infertility struggles.  It was interesting that Jackman said he and his wife, Deboraa-Lee-Furness, had always considered adoption as an option, but originally thought they would have two biological children and then continue to grow their family through adoption.

At Adoption STAR we stress that it is important to not see your children as adopted, but instead just as YOUR children, period. It was refreshing to hear Jackman say in the article that “I don’t think of them as adopted, they’re our children.”

The entire article is an interesting read and Jackman goes into great detail about his experiences as a father and juggling his professional career with being a parent.