Adoption In The News: Open Adoption Records in New York State

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I’ve written a great deal about the bill to open adoption records in New Jersey, here is a story from a birth mother hoping that New York State will also open adoption records.

There is currently an “Adoptee Bill of Rights” adoption reform bill being considered in New York State. According to the article, this bill would allow those adopted in New York State to obtain a copy of their original birth certificates as well as medical information once they reach the age of 18. The bill would also have options for the birth parents regarding whether they want to be contacted or not.

At Adoption STAR we are in favor of opening the adoption records so that adoptees will have a better sense of their background and medical records. However, we believe it is even more important to have an open adoption when possible, so that children can hear first hand from their birth family about their background, culture, and traditions.